Who are Andrew & Nat?


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Hi guys! I’m Andrew – competitive, freethinker, wild dreamer and mountain climber! I believe everything should have a purpose and mine is to FOMO (fear of missing out) you into joining us on our travels.

I once watched a video on the ‘7 year itch’; the idea that every 7 years you should take one year off to rebuild, retrain & generally restore your soul. So here I am, taking on the world with a camera, admitting to myself that I know nothing, and retraining my mind and soul to find my passion in life – whatever that may be.

My interests are ever changing – but stick me in front of a foreign language film with a cheeky bottle of cider and a chocolate fondant (or steak…I’m not fussy!) and I will be pretty bloody happy.

Age: 31
Hometown: Lancaster, UK
Loves: Photography, cinema
Hates: Pickled food stuffs
Fave Place: Snowdon National Park
Fave Meal: Duck confit or pork belly
Fears: Sunburn... I'm pretty white!

Profile images by the lovely Amy Kate Photography

Hello lovely people! I’m Nat – blogger, wifey, animal lover and interior design junkie! I love to write, and this blog is a chance for me to showcase my love of food, travel and photography; snippets of life on the road and objects of beauty that really float my boat, as well as stories of our trials and triumphs that I hope will inspire people to also pick up a map and with closed-eyes, wildly pick out a destination…

When I’m not busy planning my next trip or dreaming up interiors, you can find me trawling through early-morning garage sales (literally the only thing I will leave my bed at 5am for!) or rustling up some kind of home-baked treat. Cake. It’s the future.

You might hear Andrew call me ‘Goose’ on occasion… find a way to make me laugh – you’ll soon know why!

Age: 27
Hometown: Oxford, UK
Loves: Dogs, cake
Hates: Bananas, spiders, balloons...
Fave Place: The Similans, Thailand
Fave Meal: Pizza, cake
Fears: Most things! (I'm such a wuss!)


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