Before embarking on this amazing adventure, we were pretty normal everyday people working the 9-5 (*ahem* 8-8) existence. Working as designers on weekdays and photographers on weekends has allowed us to do what we are doing, and quite frankly, we don’t want that to stop. We are creatives, and we have the passion to continue spread that creative love wherever we may roam!

We have both been very lucky to work for a company that allowed us to branch out, expand and enhance our skills-base in the time spent with them, and as a result we have a whole host of smarts and services to offer. We aim to be competitive. We aim to give you a great deal. And we aim to sustain our ongoing travels with your collaboration.

On top of the design and creative work we are also hold experience working on consultancy-based projects – got an idea or concept you’d like to explore? Flick us a message. In the meantime – check out some of our work!

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