Free Stock Images From Our Travels

On our travels we take a LOT of photos – some good, some bad. The problem with this is that 100% get stored on our hard drive, about 5% will go on to be edited for hosting on stock sites and probably around only 0.05% of those will end up being bought for commercial use…

So, we are relinquishing our copyright to these images here below with the aim that our site will become a resource for designers of all media to access real, authentic and powerful travel photography. We also hope that it will help drive people to our site to check in on how the ‘Work Hard and Travel Project’ is tracking and finally, that we might one day walk down the street in the middle of Buenos Aires and see one of our photos up on a big-ass billboard.

So that’s it – use these photos for your projects! – WORK HARD AND TRAVEL HARDER!



Thailand – best known for it’s tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate Buddhist temples. We LOVED Thailand – the beautiful vibrant colours; purples and golds, the food is exquisite and the people are utterly charming…

Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a bustling city and former British colony, in southeastern China. Vibrant and densely populated, it’s contrasts of Asian and European influences make it a photographers dream! Oh, and the dim sum aint half bad either…


To the extent possible under law, Andrew Hewitson has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Work Hard And Travel Harder Project.


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