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Hi! – Welcome to our big adventure blog!

We are Andrew and Nat– two fairly average Joes, ‘living the dream’ in Auckland, New Zealand.

Originally from the UK, we emigrated to the land of the long white cloud in February 2012, after having spent an awesome gap year here back in 2008. Since our arrival, we have managed to buy a house in an incredible suburb, settle well into great jobs and have been lucky enough to establish an incredible network of friends who have very fast, become our adoptive family.

Life could be summed up as pretty much perfect. We live well, we eat well.

We wake up at 7am to start work at 8. Work is followed by dinner around the same time every day. We watch TV shows before retiring for the night at 10o’clock. And… repeat. Our weekends, if not spent taking photos (We also run a photography business alongside our 9-5), may include a leisurely jaunt around the local area or a trip to visit family, and can always be relied upon to include a good takeaway feast from one of our local haunts

We live well, we eat well. We are lucky.

But lately, we have found ourselves in the selfish position of wanting more. While our friends are all getting broody; realising their immediate dreams of starting a family and building their nests (something that we absolutely one day aspire to also), we have realised that we have become bored with our routine.

It has always been our agenda to see as much of the world as possible- It’s really an incredible place! And this sort of trip has always been one we aspired to undertake. Lucky for us (again!), up-coming changes at work have given us the kick-up-the-bum we really needed to swing this goal into action.

So here we are; we’re doing it. Work Hard and Travel Harder is born.

What do we mean by Work Hard and Travel Harder? Well, quite simply we want this trip to be more than just a tourist holiday. We intend to use this opportunity to really experience places; get involved in local traditions and way of life, lose our inhibitions and experience travel in a whole new way to what we’re used to – to see the world through a different perspective without our usual comforts and safety nets.

To fully explain our philosophy in detail will take some time and several cups of tea… so we hope that this lil’ carrot on a stick is enough to entice you to follow us and hear more of our grand plans, coming soon…


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